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Web-based quote management tool created specifically for the electronics industry.

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Key Benefits

Quotefx helps you manage your RFQs using a simplified workflow.

  • BOM Management

    Quotefx provides you the easiest way to import your BOMs and part lists, regardless of the number of levels or structure.

    We can deal with many of the complex structures that some BOM files contain, like you've never experienced before.

    Dealing with changes to BOMs is just as easy.

  • RFQ Management

    The RFQ management process has always been a necessary burden within the industry and it will continue to be.

    Quotefx relieves a lot of that burden by automating business rules when it comes to assigning RFQ line items to suppliers, including several methods such as master Line Cards, custom Line Cards, assignment by manufacturer, by category, and by commodity, amongst others.

  • Approved Manufacturer and Vendor Lists

    Take advantage of the relationships you've already established and keep your business rules intact.

    You can import both AMLs and AVLs, and immediately put them to work during the line item assignment process.

    No more manual assignments… unless you need to.

  • Pricing History and Pricing Automation

    You can save time and effort by applying pricing to RFQs that is still valid based on Purchase Order History, Contracts, and RFQ History.

    We also provide you with full integrated access to pricing and delivery information.
    In some cases, you may be able to wrap up an RFQ in minutes or hours, not days or weeks!

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  • Fast and Easy RFQ Responses

    Quotefx makes it incredibly easy to receive, track, and respond to RFQs assigned to you. Gone are the days of email and Excel attachments as the only way to conduct business with your customers. Quotefx offers a very intuitive interface to handle everything in one place.

  • Automatic Notifications

    We know it can be frustrating keeping up with changes to BOMs and line items on RFQs. Quotefx helps you stay on top of things with automatic notifications and highlighting of changes made and notes attached to the RFQ during the RFQ process.

  • Performance Tracking

    You need to know how you're performing because you're measured on how fast and accurate your quote responses are. If you don't know how good you are, you can't improve and increase the value of your relationships with your customers.

  • Quote History

    Leverage your quote response history to expedite response time, including items that you've won and lost.

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Leave the RFQ "heavy lifting" to us and potentially
recoup up to 90% of your valuable time.

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